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    Our Services

    Delicate threads require practiced hands that understand tailoring as well as they do laundering.

Our Services

Delicate threads require practiced hands that understand tailoring as well as they do laundering. At Eagle Dry Cleaning, we combine that precision with a commitment to perfection.

From the moment you place your garments in our hands, they are treated with the respect they deserve. Our staff adheres closely to labelled care guides and uses established best practices in every aspect of their care.

Our advanced techniques are applied using only superior quality tools so your clothes receive treatment with the appropriate finesse and delicacy. Our process ensures that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned while preserving the look, feel and integrity of the fabric.

The result? Immaculate clothes that look as good as you as they possibly can. And since the clothes maketh the man, so do you.

Eagle Dry Cleaning has earned the trust of countless clients over many years through our established dry cleaning and care methods. Join them.


Shoes and Luggage repair

They say you can tell much about a person from his or her shoes. Always leave a great impression with Eagle Dry Cleaning’s range of shoe care services.

We have a specialised team to assist our clients with all their leather and suede cleaning and maintenance needs, and shoe repair is one of the most popular services.

Our experts craftsmen go beyond just a clean and polish; they can restore faded finish and perform repairs that will leave your most comfortable shoes fit to be worn in style again. They can also give you bespoke tips on how to best care for each particular pair.

For those who enjoy the thrill of wanderlust, Eagle extends its expertise to luggage maintenance and repair. Our luggage specialists can restore your trusty travel companions to their original form with repairs to cover fabric, lining, zippers, buckles, handles and locks.

London Rug and Carpet Repair

The right carpet can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. It can imbue any setting with traditional warmth, corporate cool or contemporary chic. But dirt, stains and damage can have the opposite effect.

If your carpet or rug has lost its sheen and its colours seem muted, contact the experts at Eagle Dry Cleaning. Using the right treatment for the particular type of carpet and the best tools and techniques, we put the life and colour back into it.

Our rug and carpet services include both regular dry cleaning and repair. Eagle Dry Cleaning carpet care professionals regularly apply their expertise to damage ranging from fraying edges, loose threads and stitching to more severe tears and holes.

Let us give these essential components of your home or office a new lease on life so you can enjoy that familiar feel under your feet again.

As part of our commitment to complete client satisfaction, we also provide a complimentary pickup and delivery service.


Delicate fabrics, clothes and fine linen require a gentle approach to dry cleaning and handling. We pride ourselves in delivering an exacting level of care which ensures that every garment and cloth you entrust in our care is returned not just clean, but in superior condition.

Aside from the excellent personal care with which we handle them, all items are dry cleaned using high-quality solvents that do not damage the fabric and/or weave. Our expert team is dedicated to adhering to item care guidelines and any particular instructions you might want to add. 

After the cleaning process is completed, your items are folded and packed according to material type, and in accordance with your wishes.

We extend this specialised service to clothing, lingerie, towels, and bed and table linen.

Wedding Dress Clean and care

Your wedding dress has a value beyond words and figures. We understand.

When fabric and lace combined to create that garment, it was transformed from just physical material to something of eternal significance. At Eagle Dry Cleaning, we have dedicated a part of our operations specifically to the premium care and maintenance of wedding dresses.

Each dress undergoes a thorough inspection and assessment by our team of experts when you bring it to us. They identify each different type of fabric to ascertain the most appropriate method of cleaning and care. Decorative accessories and embellishments may be placed under protective material and/or glued down, or removed entirely before the cleaning process to ensure no part is damaged.

The same level of care and attention is devoted to the dress after the cleaning process is completed. We carefully cushion it with acid-free tissue and then pack it into a specially-designed box, ready for delivery or collection.

Garment repair and alterations

Eagle Dry Cleaning is more than just an ordinary neighbourhood dry cleaner. Our suite of comprehensive client services is specifically aimed at the discerning client who needs a one-stop solution for their fabric care, maintenance and repair needs. An increasingly popular service we provide is that of repairs and alterations.

There is no longer a need to visit a tailor if your favourite dress seems slightly tighter today, or if a new pair of designer jeans isn’t quite the perfect fit; those are exactly the type of alterations in which our in-house tailors specialise. They pride themselves on their workmanship, in particular their ability to reproduce the original finish of any garment.

That same care and attention to detail extends to our repair service. We pay meticulous attention to discreet stitching so repaired garments don’t appear to have been damaged at all.

Of course, you can always suggest specific alterations purely for aesthetic and stylistic reasons – we would love to be a part of your fashion journey.