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At Eagle Dry Cleaning, we take our responsibility for creating and maintaining a sustainable earth seriously. We have already put in place measures that lessen the impact of our services on the environment, and continually strive to implement new ones that take us down the path to a better future for our children. 

We recently invested in a revolutionary series of dry cleaning machines that are designed to help us towards this goal. Although more expensive than standard machines, these consume significantly less resources.

Eagle Dry Cleaning has also focused efforts on the proper disposal of waste from the dry cleaning process. Disposed of incorrectly, such waste can enter the sewage system as effluent and contaminate the ocean ecosystem. We ensure that any waste we produce is isolated and treated before disposal.

We are currently in the process of phasing in environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

The next time you choose Eagle Dry Cleaning for your laundry needs, rest assured that you are also doing your bit for a cleaner, greener world.